Georg S. - W. - lead vocals

… is he? No, he is not Gene Vincent himself, but  …
Gene was a rebel who lived and performed the rockabilly-style during his  whole intensive life.

Reasons and a duty for Georg to pick up Gene´s Wild Cat sound that it goes around and around and around ...

Till H. - acoustic bass & back vocals

… Who, who … who slapped John? The teenage guy of the Blue caps played bass by ear.

Till, the young guy, who plays the upright bass in the style of Jack Neal. Even though he does not know the correct fingering for every note, he hits them with perfect intuition.

Jens B. - drums & back vocals

… grooves like Dickie Harrell, who used the chance as a schoolboy drumer in his former times to haunt the radio station looking for chances to play.

Jens, an experienced drumer ...  took the chance to play in his own real style of genuine Rock`n roll music … like the blue caps in Town Hall Party in 1958!

Markus R. - guitar & back vocals

… likes the sound of sideman Cliff Gallup, who played the lead and rhythm guitar with all his fingers.

Markus is familiar with the overdub techniques in pioneering the original rockabilly guitar for devising ringing reverb and vibrato which helps to set  the  blueprint  for the classic rockabilly sound.

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