The Gentle Keys! What are the four guys doing? 

What the hell happens in the time when they rehearse?

When will they be back on stage?

We want to disclose that secret!

We are working hard to be back on stage with a new good rockabilly sound and program. The program is authentic and fits to the Gentle Keys. Individual projects have slowed down our common power. But meanwhile our concentration is back on the one and only real thing: Rockabilly! That means: Rehearse and get back on stage!
In 2012 we have presented a small choice of the new program. A new singer is on board. Unchanged are guitar, upright bass and drums.  The new combination stands for a good groove, rock ‘n’ roll & rockabilly. This is what the "Gentle Keys" have lived ever since their founding.

Since December 2012 we have focussed our full power on only one thing: We want to present a new, well worth seeing and sounding program.

Let’s cut a long story short!

Our new program puts the music of a real rock ‘n’ roll legend into the center: “Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps”. Furthermore we want to remember other famous artists of the 50s for instance: Eddie Cochran or Johnny Burnette. 

Our goal is to be fully back on stage by mid-2013!

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